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Look who we found! What a lovely day it has been. It felt great to meet up with everyone and hear stories.

Funny faces are starting my week off right. <3

Wonderful visit to Texas countryside..? There were fields of bluebonnets and horses and cows and llamas…wait, what? Haha! Found a wildlife preserve on our way back. Lllllammmmmaaa.

So very honored to be able to participate in the Hunger U hunger fighters forum. Great discussions and loads of information to research now.

Our plant pathology group was assigned to a farm area to rake leaves, move branches, and feed some donkeys. Beautiful day to say thanks to the community around TAMU. #thebigevent

Huge coolers of sausage on a stick, check. #thebigevent

Nothing like a Tom Petty cover song to wake up everyone. Also, where there is live music in Texas there will be two-stepping. Love it! #thebigevent

The Big Event supplies are out. Happy to be apart of this.

Before and after the Graffiti Run. Good times. :) #graffitirun (at Sam Houston Race Park)

Turkey legs, mutton bustin’, and bull riding. Definitely rodeo time.

Houston Rodeo time! Yeehaw!!! Haha

Two worlds colliding. As I’m pulling out my study material, I found some qepiks. Everything is so different here that it feels like a strange joke on me. Like those movies that were all a dream (or so you think) then something pops up that was only in the dream. Damn qepiks!

Study Face. Haha! It’s the little things that make me laugh. Like sending fun pictures to my family. Thought I’d share some of the beauty that they get to see daily. Camera phones. Blessing or curse?

This southern belle just can’t be bothered with our hugs and kisses. She needs her beauty sleep.

Up to no good. Just. Kidding. I finally feel like I’m getting ahold of life in America again. Let the fun begin!