When I Fly

We all have a path, this is mine.

Terrible run, but look at these beautiful berries that were on the trail. Pretty, nature. Bad, sun.

Is this how you wear the robe and sash? Hehe

Temple Grandin’s speech was inspirational, funny, and encouraging. I loved every minute of it! What an amazing person. (at Rudder Theater Complex)

I’m ready for the game! Go USA!

Yoga on the roof while watching the sun rise, why yes, I’d love to always start my days in this fashion. The trip has been packed with lots of information. Hard to describe everything I’ve seen, heard, or even smelled. A whole ‘nother world…

Happy Birthday to my Mom! We took a trip to the science museum to see Nature Unleashed: Inside Natural. She’s a happy mom now. Tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc. (at Houston Museum of Natural Science)

Brett got a Tesla for his birthday! Hehehe

What a sweet day. Happy Birthday, Mom!

Gotta have the Hollywood sign pictures! (at Hollywood Sign In Hollywood Hills)

Sweetest little dog.

Look who we found! What a lovely day it has been. It felt great to meet up with everyone and hear stories.

Funny faces are starting my week off right. <3

Wonderful visit to Texas countryside..? There were fields of bluebonnets and horses and cows and llamas…wait, what? Haha! Found a wildlife preserve on our way back. Lllllammmmmaaa.

So very honored to be able to participate in the Hunger U hunger fighters forum. Great discussions and loads of information to research now.

Our plant pathology group was assigned to a farm area to rake leaves, move branches, and feed some donkeys. Beautiful day to say thanks to the community around TAMU. #thebigevent